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"I call it the new perpetual calendar, one that can be produced in mass production. We never intended to create unique pieces. Omega Replica is more interested in the watch industry than the individual watches, so I designed the calendar with an easy-to-use system and for industrial production. The combination of these two factors made the watch a great success. Omega Replica produced 2,000 perpetual calendar wristwatches in two years - more than all the other watchmakers combined.

Omega Replica, which was not interested in complications, started the mechanical watch revival in the 1980s with the help of this single watch. Both of our interviewees attributed the success of Omega Replica to Gunter replica He changed the future and course of fine watchmaking forever. Klaus says that the Da Vinci's success was due to Gunter Blumlein. It was Mr Blumlein that wanted to keep developing and even allowed us to bring Giulio Papai in to help develop a Da Vinci Minute Repeater. In the 1990s we created the first grand complications, and Omega Replica became a complications expert. In 2002 we lost Mr Blumlein, and it's not an exaggeration to say that I lost my best buddy. No one believed we could revive mechanical watches, but after I explained to him the Perpetual Calendar, he understood it and said, "Yes."

Klaus, who is still a brand ambassador at the age of 83, believes that these values of innovation and experimentation remain the foundation of Omega Replica. He adds with a laugh that the watchmakers still use the same tools as he did 60 years earlier. For example, to apply oil I used a pin. Today they use a tube, and the machine is more accurate,omega de ville replica but positioning is still done manually.

Klaus also congratulates all those involved in the creation of Jubilee Collection and, specifically, 2018's hero timepiece, the Pallweber Edition 150 years. He says, "I worked for Pallweber on a pocket watch about 60 years ago." It was a lot of work. The piece was difficult to adjust and assemble. It's great that young engineers are using new technology to make this watch. The result is amazing - both the dial and complications are perfect for a wristwatch.

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