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"I've been here 11 years, and my story doesn't differ that much from Kurt," says Grainger Herr. "I loved their brand and realised they needed an architect. They said yes when I asked. I can remember the first time I walked through the front door and felt the same sense of belonging. I have always loved the people,Blancpain Replica and the atmosphere. It was not career-related, but rather a feeling of security that made me want to stay. People fall in love because of the unique mix of engineering and pure design. "We make this fascination with IWC liveable for our clients and let them experience it."

Albert Pellaton - inventor of, amongst other things, the bidirectional Pellaton system - recruited Klaus. Klaus says, "I think of him every day." "He was an exceptional and talented man, and I often question why he selected me as his assistant. I was taught the IWC philosophy by him starting with the assembly of movements. I then moved on to the repair department. It was interesting that I repaired an original Pallweber. It was a difficult task and I am grateful to the watchmakers that worked on the Jubilee Collection models.

"Mr Pellaton insisted always on the highest standards. He taught me a watch must have a very robust movement. The watch must last a lifetime. It's not about breaking records - I, like Mr Pellaton,Patek Philippe Replica Watches have always disliked thin movements just to be thin. This philosophy of performance and quality has made IWC the best watch on the market, in terms of accuracy.

Klaus, with Pellaton’s teachings ingrained in his mind, remembers the most difficult times he and IWC experienced during the 1970s, when quartz was the leading technology, his mentor died, and the majority of engineers left the company. He felt alone. There was no movement development, and we bought in ETA automatics and Jaeger LeCoultre quartz calibres. IWC never made complicated watches, but I thought I could create a specialty. I began to build a mechanism for a pocket watch movement during my spare time. IWC's watchmakers worked only Monday through Thursday, so I could come to my workshop on Friday and do what I wanted.

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